Paid Social Media

Social media audiences are powerful, use them.

Paid Social Media

Who would you want handling your paid social media advertising? A marketing firm that has spent the better part of the last 18 years squeezing performance out of paid online channels, wrestled with ad testing, Google Analytics, conversion tracking, and various approaches to automation?

Ok, maybe we’ve used too many commas above, but the point we want to make is that we do paid Facebook, and our team is uniquely suited to drive performance in this channel. Our clients see Facebook as an important driver of growth going forward. As long as Facebook’s reach and usage remain strong, so do we.

As a remarketing channel, Facebook has some advantages over Google, because, well…it’s Facebook.
The power behind audience segmentation on Facebook is another powerful tool that can make or break your campaign.

If your not doing paid Facebook, your not doing Facebook…it really is that simple.


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  • Lead generation and campaign landing pages

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