Customer Match For B2B Clients

10 years ago, B2B marketing was almost exclusively reserved for search marketing.
B2B clients are always the most difficult (crossed out) challenging to generate results for.
In 2015, Google announced the launch of its Customer Match Platform. Customer Match was a highly a popular feature with Facebook and twitter but didn’t work well for B2B clients.
Customer match allows advertisers to upload a list of email addresses and create an “audience list” in their Google Ads account. Marketers are able to serve ads to this customer list when these users are signed into Google Search, YouTube or Gmail. Unfortunately, Google Display is not yet available to customer match campaigns.
You can create “similar audiences” based off this list, but I’ll reserve that for another post.
As mentioned earlier, Facebook and twitter also utilize customer match technology, but due to the low match rate of work related email addresses, they are under-performers on the B2B side.
In this post I’ll explain the success we’ve had using Google Customer Match as part of a B2B lead generation program.
Is Customer Match the same as re-marketing?
“Kinda”. Re-marketing is used to show your ads to previous web visitors. Customer match is used to show your ads to previous customers. (In-store, online…wherever).  Every case, client, and email list is different and messages need to be tailored accordingly.
I launched my first B2B Customer Match campaign shortly after Google introduced it sometime in 2015. Our client’s excel spreadsheet contained approximately 12,000 email addresses from previous customers, contacts and leads. The customer match campaign quickly became our top performing campaign, exceeding Google search. Unfortunately, this customer match campaign dried up in 60 days and the was list became stale. I quickly learned that generating new email addresses was a necessity for any customer match campaign to have any chance at success.
In 2017, LinkedIn came out with their own form of customer match, and called it “Matched Audiences”.   Folks, if you are a B2B marketer, or a B2B business, LinkedIn matched audiences is what you’ve been waiting for. Ever want to serve your ad to potential client on LinkedIn? Well, now you can. We’ll talk about LinkedIn retargeting in another article, a great tool for almost every business.
Too many B2B advertisers dump entire ad budgets in local websites (, Facebook ads, or worse, Facebook organic posts….
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